Their love is deep and awesome
Their inquisitiveness can be annoying sometimes but it’s usually for our own good😊 

Mothers are care and attention givers 

Their devotion is unwavering 

Mothers are highly intuitive 

They protect their children with their own lives

They are patient and always forgiving 

Mothers believe in their children even when the world condemn them

Their love is priceless, endless and unselfish 

Mothers sacrifice, even when they’re in pain 

Their love is far beyond explanation 

Mother’s love is far  beyond human comprehension 

Mothers are to be celebrated on a daily basis…

Thank God for the mysterious and wonderful gift of motherhood. 

I celebrate us all ‘Gorgeous and Beautiful’ mothers out there😘😘🙅😊.

Be Yourself – Be Real

Be Yourself – Be Real

Be convinced of who you want to be

Be motivated and determined towards  becoming who you’re meant to be 

Be proud of who you are

Be unique – dare to always stand out 

Be separate – let nothing distract you 

Be whole – don’t entangle your life (spirit, soul and body) with unnecessary weight

Be you – don’t be a photocopy 

By ‘VivyChy’

​Women – The Best Creatures

 We are home builders, designers and managers

We are bold and daring…fearing no opposition 

We are brave and courageous 

We are highly industrious 

We love God passionately

We are beautiful and with a heart of gold

The virtues woman even though she may be going through pain, she’ll still be smiling while offering her shoulder for her children, family and friends to lean on 

We are positioned for greatness

We are trailblazers 

We are not inferior to anyone, not minding where we find ourselves

We are resilient and determined 

We are change agents – we make things happen 

We stand tall and firm in the face of opposition until we are declared the winner

We are gorgeously gorgeous😊

Whatever that’s put in our hands, be rest assured we’ll deliver 

We always stand out in any spheres of life 

We thrive for excellence in anything we do

We are caring and so loving 

We are blessed and highly favoured 

To all the Beautiful women out there, thank you for being your unique self. 

I love you all😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

Happy International Women’s Day in arrears 😊😘😍🙅

​When Words Fail You……

There are things, events, occurrences, occasions, programmes, experiences and moments you’ll encounter in life that would leave you really speechless. If you thought you were tough or strong, it mesmerises you and leaves you broken and if you’re humble, it leaves you even more humble. No matter how much and how far you try, you’d realise no amount of words can truly express how you feel.

Even though it sounds like I’m speaking or writing in parables, without a shadow of a doubt, I’m certain someone out there, have been there and can relate to such an amazing and awesome experience…😊 

Well! It’s real. There comes a time when things happen that would leave you wondering, not knowing what exactly to say…how to react or better still, it just leaves you with tears of joy.

Although I’m still basking in the euphoria of a mind blowing experience I had recently… All I can say is – God is real, His love and mercies are new each day, minute and hour that passes by. 

God loves us with an everlasting love and because He loves you and I, He’ll show up for us in times we least expect it. His timing is never wrong…Like my pastor and mentor (Pastor Shola Adesoye) said “God will always show up for us, it’s just a matter of time”. 

Wait patiently. What HE’ll do will of a truth leave you in a ‘wow’ state😊. 






In your moment of weakness, let God be your strength 

In your moment of strength, recognize that by strength shall no man prevail except by HIS grace 

In your moment of want or lack, recognize God as your Total Sufficiency 

In your moment of loneliness, cleave to HIM – He’s the best Father, the best Lover, the best Caregiver and the best Friend; HIS loving-kindness last forevermore 

When you feel you’re down to nothing, remember you’re everything in and through HIM 

In your moment of anxiousness, let HIM calm your nerves, always rest on the word of God – HIS promise to you is sure 

In your moment of confusion, learn on HIM for guidance 

In your moment of happiness and celebration, give HIM all the praise 

In your moment of worry and anxiety, HIS peace shall garrison your heart 

And in every moment we find ourselves, let’s recognize HIM – put HIM at the right place – the centre stage. 


LOVE and Valentine’s Day 

St. Valentine helped marry couples in secret, which is arguably very romantic. The Emperor, Claudius II  had banned marriage as he thought single men could become better soldiers. Valentine felt this was unfair so he celebrated marriages in secret. When the Emperor found out he was thrown in jail and sentenced to death.
Love is an action  – not a feeling. Feeling is a subjective response that reflects one’s emotions, sentiments or desires. Love as an action should propel you to do something for the next person…You go the extra mile for the one you truly love…not minding whether it’s convenient or not. 

We are meant to show selfless love like Valentine did by assisting couples to get married. Go out of your way to love – generously, without expecting anything in return. 

Love is synonymous to our daily attire… You cannot do without putting on a dress on a daily basis, likewise love – you cannot do without love. 

Nothing thrives in the atmosphere of hatred, but everything works when there’s love. Love is the engine for successful living. 

Above all, love is meant to be celebrated and shown on a daily basis not once in a year, it doesn’t matter when, where, how and to whom, just make sure you’re loving someone other than yourself.