Relationship Issues

You can’t judge a relationship based on how it started but on how it continued… 





Here’s wishing you all and your households God’s blessing like never before. Merry Christmas and a memorable 2018 in advance. 

Love you loads😍😘😘🙅

*What Women Want From Men*

The truth is, women do not want so much from men. Although these qualities are not beyond any man’s reach, the fact is, most guys lack at least one of them. Even though you’ll say no man is perfect, you should be sufficient enough to use whatever qualities you have to make a woman truly happy. 


Women want to feel safe and secured…and comfortable. Financial security also matters a lot. In as much as the man mustn’t be a millionaire, she does need to know that her man can take care of some bills. Above all, women want a man who can always take charge of situations, any time, any day and anywhere. No woman want a weakly as a partner. 


Every woman want to feel sensual stimulation. While men like to talk about business, most women like to talk about sex, the men in their lives, relationships etc. Women naturally enjoys talking about their latest catch, their latest fantasy, how a guy swept them off their feet…etc. It gives us real pleasure…😀


We want to feel passion and excitement whenever we’re around our man. No woman will say she doesn’t want her man to take her to the moon and back…no matter how some pretend about it. We want the same thing… real PLEASURE…undiluted and natural pleasure not enhanced😉😀. 


Every woman wants to be an important part of her man’s life – in fact, the most important. She wants to know what is going on in his mind per time. A man that will not lie about important aspects of his life.  She wants to share in her man’s pleasant experiences and memories. No woman will want to be lied to especially when it comes to the issue of whether or not the man truly loves her and where their relationship is headed per time. 


Men should spend time to understand their woman inside out, that way she wouldn’t have to explain herself always. It’s a good thing when you have someone who know you completely for the person you really are. A man who can dictate the silence, and other inaudible means of communication. 


A woman wants a man  who she  can look up to.  She wants a good man – good at heart. As a guy, you must show to her that you’re capable of loving and caring for her at all times, with or without cash being involved. 


Women want to feel special. We want to feel unique and better than the rest…A woman want a man who sees the world in her. Even though she knows she’s not the most beautiful, smartest, yet she wants you to make her feel as though she’s the best thing that ever happened to you. 


No woman wants to be with a kindergarten, one that still feeds from his or her parents, nor a man who cannot take decision on his own, especially when it has to do with their home or relationship. A man that can fend for himself will ultimately fend for the woman that’s in his life. A man who runs to his parents for advise every now and then is yet to attend maturity stage. 

Emotional maturity 

Every woman will desire to have a man who knows how to connect with her sexually. You should know when your wife or partner desire to be with you…and when she’s exhausted from work or from house chores and allow her to observe her siesta. Gone are those days when Africans will say such a thing as ‘I own her and everything she’s got once I marry her’. Globalization has set in, when women sure deserves to enjoy certain rights and privileges. You should know how to settle even after quarrels, the ‘spack’ shouldn’t die off simply because you both quarrelled, that is what emotional maturity is all about. 

God fearing man

It cannot be overemphasized, the fact that every woman would ultimately love to have a man that has the fear of God in her life. A man who fears God to an extent will find it difficult to raise his hands on his partner. Having a godly man amidst other qualities is one of the best things that can happen to any woman. And don’t get it twisted please, when I say God fearing man, it doesn’t connote having a Pastor, and/ or a leader, someone that belongs to one department or another in the church. Because they are those men who aren’t any of these aforementioned but still are very good, can truly love and make any woman happy. 




*Never Confuse Sex With Love*

If you are having an active sex life with someone, don’t get it twisted my dear, it may just be that you’re having a ‘good’ sexual partner. 

Don’t confuse yourself as though you both have a future together. You’ve got to wake up from your dreams😉





I Love My Country – God Bless Nigeria on Her 57th Independence Anniversary

Happy Independence Day to my Dearest country NIGERIA

May Peace and Love be multiplied to us all

May those planning evil against this beautiful country be brought to shame! Amen

Nigeria will indeed be GREAT in my time! 

Yes, Nigeria’s UNITY is non-negotiable but I make bold to say that the Restructuring of our dear nation is highly negotiable!

I love my country, I am so proud to be called a Nigerian – I don’t know about you friends😉😊 @ Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

*The Basis of Good Relationships*

How we cherish, like, love and respect ourselves it’s clue to how we’ll treat others! 

It’s not about whether or not we’re able to keep our relationship together but how well we’re able to understand who we are and what we want out of life


Spend  time to identify yourself, what works for you,  what/who you can or cannot live with, whether or not you can adjust to a certain lifestyle etc; that way,  you’ll know how to manage others who come around you.